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The Eviction Process

Periodically a landlord will have a tenant that doesn’t pay the rent, becomes a nuisance or any number of things that require that the tenant vacate the property. When that the tenant does not leave at the landlords request, the tenant may be forced out through the eviction process.  This process is nothing like a

A Breach In Your Partnership Agreement

A Breach In Your Partnership Agreement

Some of us have had offers that sound like it’s too good to be true. Before acting on that tempting offer, take a deep breath and sleep on it. After a good nights sleep we usually can focus more clearly on things. Whenever you agree to enter into a business with someone and share profits

Will A Trusted Employee Leave With Confidential Material

Will A Trusted Employee Leave With Confidential Material – What To Do?

Often companies have a trusted employee leave and worry about the employee taking confidential material or other information that could benefit a competitor and/or harm the company. A number of things need to be considered before taking legal action. Is there actually reason to believe the worst? If the company has advance notice that an

The Risks of Not Training Your Managers

Does the pointy-head manager in the “Dilbert” comic strip by Scott Adams remind you of anyone? A manager is the most important element in an employee’s performance, retention and engagement.  There is no innate ability on how to handle the wide range of employee problems that managers may face, possibly on a daily basis. There