Consumer Information about Quiet Title Actions in Nevada

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If you are a real estate investor and bought a home at a foreclosure sale conducted by a lender, from an HOA on a lien, or if you purchased the property by quitclaim deed, there is good chance the title is fatally defective. By purchasing a home with defective title, you could be signing onto liability you never guessed existed and problems you do not need or want. Title defects can come in many forms, including:

  • Tax liens
  • Mechanics liens
  • HOA liens
  • A prior forged deed or mortgage release,
  • An error made in the legal description;.
  • Surveying errors;
  • Claims of Adverse Possession;
  • Wrongful foreclosure claims;
  • Defective notarizations in document
  • An easement or boundary dispute;
  • Any other title defects

As an investor, you need to have title which is free from defects, also known as “marketable title” in order to the sell property at a later date. Title companies will not typically insure title and banks will not lend against property that does not have marketable title. Not having marketable title will make a future transfer of the property more complicated and subject to unnecessary delays.

Henderson, Nevada Quiet Title Lawyer

If you are in a situation where you have purchased property with defective title, a quiet title action can be used to clear the defects and secure marketable title to the property. A quiet title action will put to rest other claims against the property that were recorded against the property before you took title. Our firm is experienced in handling quiet title actions and in most cases can help you quickly achieve marketable title for your property.

Once the quiet title action is completed, all questions of ownership and title defects are resolved, and the parties to the action cannot make subsequent claims. When we obtain a judgment on your behalf quieting title, we take every effort to ensure that the judgment protects your ownership rights; meaning you can be confident title is marketable and insurable. Then you can transfer the property and cash out your investment.

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