Subcontractor and Contractor Rights in Nevada

If you are a subcontractor or contractor in Nevada, you will need to abide by the laws defined by the state for a long lasting career. Not only is it important to understand the laws to protect your business from being exploited, it is equally important to know your rights if you are fired from a job.

Understanding the Difference between a Contractor and a Subcontractor

A Contractor and a Subcontractor are quite different.  A contractor typically agrees to provide a specific service in return for a fee. Additionally, a contractor may provide these services for a certain duration of time, after which he/she will need to find work elsewhere. The terms and conditions are agreed upon by both parties and a contract is signed prior to a contractor beginning work. Businesses contract out pieces of their work often, such as recruiting needs, cleaning and catering services.

On the other hand, a subcontractor is completely different in this regard. A subcontractor can be an individual who is self employed or a large organization working under a contract for the main contractor on a job. Subcontractors are responsible for doing the work that a contractor has promised to do in his/her contract.

Subcontractor/Contractor Rights according to Nevada Laws

Subcontractors and contractors are subject to different rights which are governed by the contract they agreed and signed. The proprietor and the subcontractor/contractor are bound to their signed agreement. This means that contractors and subcontractors are responsible for making sure their part of the agreement is fulfilled. If a contractor or subcontractor feels

that the proprietor in their agreement has violated the terms of the contract, then he/she can file a lawsuit for damages. Moreover, contractors and subcontractors can file a mechanic’s lien against the proprietor and its property for expenses and unpaid wages.  Contractors and subcontractors haves the right to a healthy and safe work environment.

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