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Understanding Las Vegas Business Litigation

Being your own boss and running your own business involves a lot of responsibility. If you wish to be a successful business owner, you will need to understand business litigation. This knowledge ensures that you are prepared to deal with legal issues, should they arise. Even with the best intentions and most thoughtful business practices, legal issues can

Subcontractor and Contractor Rights in Nevada

If you are a subcontractor or contractor in Nevada, you will need to abide by the laws defined by the state for a long lasting career. Not only is it important to understand the laws to protect your business from being exploited, it is equally important to know your rights if you are fired from

Consumer Information about Quiet Title Actions in Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada Quiet Title Attorney If you are a real estate investor and bought a home at a foreclosure sale conducted by a lender, from an HOA on a lien, or if you purchased the property by quitclaim deed, there is good chance the title is fatally defective. By purchasing a home with defective

How to Find a Good Las Vegas Real Estate Attorney

When purchasing a home, it’s a good idea to obtain the services of a professional Las Vegas Real Estate Attorney. An attorney can answer all your questions, help you negotiate a fair price, and keep you in the know regarding property law in Nevada. Not to mention, they can also ensure your rights remain protected

Why Every Business Needs A Lawyer

Starting a new business isn’t an easy task, especially if you have never been a part of business ownership.There are many complications, issues and matters that require your attention. Keep in mind that this is just the beginning of your business journey. You will continue to face a number of challenges in the future, but the

How to Avoid Common Real Estate Disputes

For property owners and real estate investors, the value of the property they invested in is a significant portion of their future wealth. This is the primary reason that a property issue can become incredibly troublesome. In fact, some of the most serious and unmanageable disputes that owners and real estate investors face are the ones